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Io Games

Check out another awesome game online called Smelter.io! You will be dropped into an arena where 6 players and 6 bots are trying to fight against each other. Take control of your character carefully, move around the map ...
2D Shooter Asteroids Io Games Space Team Upgrades

Play a fun Asteroids 2D Shooter game called Rocketblitz! In the game, you guide a spaceship around in space and help your teammates defeat the opponents. You only take control of one type of spaceship if you join ...
2D Shooter Classic Free For All Io Games Ocean Team

Get ready to dominate the skies in a fun 3D aerial combat game called Skyarena.io! You will fly around the skies to fight against numerous opponents from around the world. Prepare your skills and tactics in readiness for ...
2D Shooter Agario Style Free For All Io Games Power-ups Upgrades

Start to shoot at all enemies in a vast arena in a nice 2D Shooter game called Squadd.io! In the game, you will roam the map carefully using a lot of weapons in order to shoot down enemies ...
Begods Online
2D Shooter Asteroids Free For All Io Games Space

Play an amazing Space-themed Asteroids game called Begods Online! You will become an alien piloting a spaceship around in space to fight against other enemy aliens. Besides that, you need to gather valuable ores as well as mines ...