Detail Game

If you are looking for a game like, then don’t forget to explore because it follows the similar concept, but it will keep you entertained and let you experience awesome different features. This IO game also lets you take control of a line around the map to gather more space. After that, you need to connect all captured space back to your main territory so you can expand it. The larger realm you have, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard will be. However, it’s not easy to climb the top since you have to face off against many enemies. Don’t let them hit your tail while you are collecting space, or else it will be a doom for you instantly. Similarly, you can kill them if you want to crash into their tails, then quickly loot all their space to expand yours. You can select bounties in this IO game, such as speed bounty and score bounty. See if you can reach the top or not!

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