Detail Game is an Ocean combat game where you control a boat around an arena to shoot down all other enemy boats by using your weapons and collected power-ups. If you succeed in killing the rivals, you can receive power-ups dropped from them. In addition, you will gain a bunch of points whenever you destroy those enemies. For every consecutive kill in a streak, you will get 25 bonus points. But if you make a crash, or get exploded by the rivals, or even end your life, 50 points of you will be gone. Try to use a laser, grenade launcher, machine gun, explode-o-laser, shrapnel gun, spread gun, double shot and homing shot. They will help you deal with the enemies more easily, plus, you may find it easier to take them out. Stay watchful for the surroundings, defend your boat all the time stay alive longer so you can climb the leaderboard!

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