Detail Game game takes all the players to an arena full of pies and jams. Let’s play this Agario Style IO game now to perform your skills and beat all of your enemies. You will direct your character around the map to jump to eat many pies as well as other players. The more pies and the more rivals you destroy, the more skill points you will earn, which helps you develop your power along with armor so you can stay alive longer in this fierce battle. There are still some risks you must be aware of! While jumping, you must dodge the red jams, or else you will be destroyed. Also, the AI drones keep chasing you behind, and they won’t be hesitant to release cherry bombs. Make sure you won’t touch them to keep yourself alive. When you are low on energy, you need to regain it by consuming a healing pie then taking a leap right into the hole. Having low energy will cause you to become an easy target for other enemies. Try to conquer the combat, kill the rivals and win!


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