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Papers.Scissors.Rocks is a good team-based game that brings you a lot of challenges and fun. You will be added to one of the given teams, including Paper, Scissors, and Rock. Each team has its own objective! For the team Paper, you must go catch Rock. For the team Scissors, you have to chase down the Paper, and for the team Rock, you must catch the Scissors. Catching your enemies will give you a lot of points, so try to focus on catching them so that you can get a higher chance to win. If you get caught by a player of another team, you will go to that team and all of your health will be gone, causing your game to come to an end. Make sure you dodge being cornered, or else you can’t escape. Preserve your boost and you should only use it if you feel a need. Try your hardest to get a gold crown and become the winner!

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