Detail Game

A tank combat is waiting for you ahead in game! Let’s prepare your abilities and jump into the battle to fight against new enemies. You will take control of a tank around the arena to aim and shoot down the rivals when you see them. Be sure to act quickly, have a fast reflex so you can elude the bullets shot by them. In addition, you need to collect as many valuable gold ores as possible. Increase your points over time, and spend a point on one of nice upgrades, such as reload speed, movement speed, weapon damage, or more. Upgrading your tank is so important because you will find it easy to deal with the tougher opponents. In addition, you even use some special skills that let you become invisible to others or sneak up on them. Surely you will get an edge over the rivals if you use the abilities properly. Let’s try the game now and take this chance to prove your skills!


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