Detail Game is a Strategy game letting you experience RPG elements. There are so many enemies trying to kill you, hence, you must quickly construct your base as well as place many defensive things or even send out your units to destroy the rivals before they take you out. To build the base, you need to roam the map then pick up as many resources as possible. You can craft stuff using those collected resources, create stronger doors for a better protection. Sometimes you need to gather more eggs or kill the animals or plant beds so as to get a lot of food. Don’t forget to hire more assistants, such as guards, peasants, and mercenaries. Keep in mind that you need to upgrade the stats of your assistants so they can become stronger. Earn more gold from the towers, the more gold you own, the higher your ranking will be. If you succeed in destroying your rival, you will obtain a quarter of his resources. Try to become the ultimate winner! Good luck!


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