Detail Game is a Strategy game online that puts you in the shoes of a chicken trying to gather a lot of seeds in order to enlarge your nest with a lot of eggs. The mission sounds simple, but it’s kind of hard to conquer, also, you’re required to prepare some strategies. Slow Lay is one of the strategies you can use, but it’s dangerous. You need to gather seeds then come back to your base quickly to protect the eggs. Another strategy you can follow is called a rat in the coupe. With this one, you must secretly enter the rival nests and gather their eggs. Make sure you are careful because you may die if you get caught by the rivals. The last strategy for you is lazy lay! You can take advantage of when your rival is busy stealing the eggs of others, you should quickly gather the fresh eggs around his nest. This will help you reach the top quickly! The more eggs you collect, the broader your nest will be! Try to dominate the arena and become the best chicken of all!


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