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The Ultimate Guide to – How to play

Add To ChromeSlitherio ModsLet’s start to learn about the ultimate guide to and how to play this amazing game now!
I. Joining Slitherio game

  1.  Type and you can access this address easily
  2.  Choose the nickname you want. Fill it in the blank.
  3. Press the play button and you can enjoy Slitherio.

II. Change the snake’s skin

1.You can change the appearance of your snake into different skins. The normal skins you can see in Slitherio such as:The Ultimate Guide to

  •  Purple
  •  Blue
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  •  Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  •  Magenta
  • American, Russian, German, Italian, France, Ukraine, Greece, Demark, Turkey or Poland flag
  • Reddit Snoo

2.To get these skins, you can click the share buttons on the front page. At that place, you can find Facebook and Twitter icons easily. After you shared, all skins are available. And you can select whatever you want to change skin.

a) Aside from that, there is much interesting stuff on the starting page like:

  •  The share buttons of Facebook and Twitter are always placed there, at the bottom right corner.
  •  On the middle of the bottom side, there is a text saying “contact us.” Click it and you will move to another page that states the email from the developer team.
  •  There is a green underlined text on the top right of the page saying “what feature should be added next?” It leads you to a poll including several features that may be added. You can vote if you want.
  •  There is also a splash text above the nickname box. It rotates between phrases:
    – Don’t run into other snakes!
    – When longer, hold the mouse for a speed boost!
    – Eat to grow longer!

III. How to play Slitherio game: the basics
You have three parts including growing longer, killing, staying alive and growing huge.

  1.  You start Slitherio game at ten lengths. It is visible in the bottom left corner of the screen. There is a counter of the current rank in the server.
  2.  There is a mini-map showing as a circle with a lot of gray pixels. If you hit the edge of the wall, you will explode and die.
  3.  Use only the mouse to control the snake. Move the cursor and the snake will follow.
  4.  There is a text in the top left of the screen. It displays the longest snake of the day.
  5.  All snake move at the same speed.

A. Growing longer

1.In Slitherio game, there are a lot of glowing circles. Each time you eat them, your length will be increased. The length will range from 0,1 -5 for small circles, 5-20 for big ones. And you can meet moving, glowing circles. These will give you approximately 60-100 length.

a) Advanced moving and growing: boosting

• When you press the left mouse, your snake will glow and change the speed. It will run faster than normal snakes. It is useful to kill the prey. Each time you boost, your length can lose around ten lengths per second. And they are transformed into circles that are left a trail of pellets behind the own tail. Zoom Zoom

B. Killing

  1.  In game, the main food source for your snake comes from killing other players. So, another snake’s head must hit your body. This action is usually performed by moving in front of the prey and cutting them off.
  2.  The slain snake will leave pellets. However, you will not be the only one who can absorb these. The others can, too.
  3.  In the same situation, you can be killed like that. You will explode into pellets and have to restart.
  4.  In, you can run into yourself without being exploded.

a) Advanced killing techniques

  •  The boa constrictor
    – The boa constrictor is a movement used to trap smaller snakes inside you. You will create a circle to capture them. They will have to run into you after they can’t find the exit.
    – If you can make a complete circle, the victim will be destroyed. Try to constrict until you reach the target! It is the great strategy for bigger snakes to kill little guys.
  •  The cutoff
    – The cutoff is the strategy to kill huge snakes by cutting off their path.
    – If you see them go straight without anything nearby, you can boost, move in front of their head. They will not able to react quickly.
    – You can make a “U” shape around their head to prevent them from turning, and they will be defeated. But this way is pretty dangerous. Be careful!

C. Staying alive and growing huge in Slitherio

  1. If you are small, you may restart constantly. However, you can cut off a huge snake.
  2. If you are big, you can choose battles wisely. When a huge snake dies in front of you, you should not boost down the whole body. You can be killed by other snakes when trying to collect pellets.
  3. For all size: if you are surrounded by many snakes in Slitherio, you can play defensively by circling inside yourself or creating a “8” number until they give up. When using this strategy, you should pay attention to those apply the boa constrictor to you.

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