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Since the last update, the developer team of game works hard to improve performance and gameplay by adding much more servers. Now, we have launched several servers, solve issues, and build new features for this awesome Slitherio game.

The first issue that you often see in Slitherio game is the lag or internet latency. Lag is rarely caused by server infrastructure because we have enough servers to meet the global demand. We realize that the issue often happens in Australia and Europe. In these servers, the connection is lost between the Internet Provider of players and our data center. Because our servers are assigned IPv4 addresses, a computer which has only IPv6 addresses will get a slight delay. It mostly affects LTE play or mobile play along with computers in the South East Asia region. We are trying to resolve this issue.

Troubleshooting problems

Slitherio is the real-time game needs a properly configured home network which can support WebSockets. For many players in, it will be the first time they actually check their home network. So, there are many reasons can cause problems such as an old router, old modem, misconfigured firewall, intermittent connection, or wireless interference. They can cause lag for Slitherio game. Besides, anti-virus, anti-malware, and add-blocker programs can block and filter out WebSockets. They also cause lag when you play this game. In some cases, it can’t work. Thus, we are working on a tool that can help you diagnose the main source of lag.

Aside from that, network administrators, public WiFi, or school can block our website. If this happens, you can ask your network administrator to unlock.

There is another type of lag in Slitherio game called render browser lag. It appears when your computer is trying to catch up with the game. In this case, you should disable all add-ons, extensions, and plugins. Also, close tabs and programs to release the memory of the computer. In addition, you should not play Slitherio online game on Internet Explorer.

To reduce the render browser lag in Slitherio game, you can follow the option in the top right of the screen. It will allow you to enjoy in low-quality graphics mode. It gives you a simpler version of the graphics that make your computer run faster. The low quality can help you avoid the big snakes when they are moving around while the computer gets lag. Hopefully, it can fix this issue.

Mobile app

We are also working to optimize the mobile app for Slitherio game. There are some issues that will be solved including random lockups or freezing, freezing when the big snake appears, and the “rate this app” popup.

Not only that, we will add two features to the mobile app. They are:

  • Offline mode allows you to play Slitherio offline with al snake.
  • The ad-free mode is an in-app can remove ads.

A few features will be released

  • Many new skins!
  • Joystick-style control for the mobile device!
  • Boost with Spacebar! You still can use left click, too.

These are only features in that we worked based on feedback that we got from the community. Thanks for feedback via social media, we plan to add new other features in the coming releases in the short time. tutorial

To response to many questions that we have received from the community, we made this tutorial and help you access custom skin. It can improve the game perform and how to use the low-quality graphics mode. Just follow this video! Mask sure you can watch and apply what you have watched to your game to get the better result. Let’s explore and enjoy it now!

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