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0 is the best choice for people who are looking for the new addictive game. Slitherio game is available on Pc browsers and mobile platforms. There are some latest reviews of this amazing game. You can follow them right now. They are:


Slitherio has not any storyline. It is simply a playing field that snakes will gather here for a survival battle. Indeed, you will have to compete with a large number of gamers. After you choose a nickname and press the play button, you will spawn as a tiny snake in a cruel world. In which you have to find the way to survive, enlarge and dominate. Especially, before you join in this Slitherio, you can customize your snake by changing its skin. Share the game on social means as Facebook or Twitter and you will choose what you want.


Slitherio is an addictive game. Kids and adults can enjoy it for free. It is not only an online game but also a great place to compete and become the best player. And thus, it is easy to understand when you can spend hours to play Slitherio. Even though you can see something influenced from Snake and the popular game, is the game can make you feel more satisfied. It also opens up Snake’s self-competing structure to contain much more can attract players with a stunning image. In my opinion, it is less creepy than

Your mission in game is to collect colored glowing balls to feed the snake and help it grow longer. Aside from that, the pellets of the others when they boost, or they died will be the delicious and nutritious food for your character. Collecting sounds easy and simple. But you should not only focus on this task. There are other objectives waiting for you. Also, there are a lot of huge snake around you. They can kill you anytime if you don’t pay attention to them.

Your task in Slitherio is to grow as fast as possible without being trapped by other snakes. Some of them are insincere guys. Besides, you should absorb a few snakes to increase your stats.

There was a fair share when taking out a biggest and worst snake. The multiplayer area adds enough unpredictability to make Slitherio game more exciting. Unlike Snake game, you can run into or over yourself without being killed, fearing or losing. But you’d better avoid running into other snakes in And be careful of the coil of dead! Review


I prefer to play Super game on PC because of improved visibility. When you enjoy this game on Pc, you can control and move your snake with the mouse, or use the left click to boost. And in this time, a large screen is useful in the jam-packed area, and the snake is trying to take out each other.

If your mobile device has no a large screen, your finger will make you get trouble. And even though controls and ability to turn are tighter, it can decrease the important visibility. When everything becomes chaotic, you will see the importance of getting out of the dangerous situation. Review

If you are gradually addicted by Slitherio game, you should explore both of them and find how it works. And finally, your desire is to conquer the top spot on the leaderboard in the shortest time without fail.

It’s easy to pick up, carry the thrill of PVP. It will give you the chance to beat the others with the high score. Until you reach the top, you should strive to survive.

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