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Slitherio is a great online game. And you sometimes wish to take part in the same room with your friends. Everything is very easy and simple to accomplish. Indeed, this Play with your friends user script for has many exciting features. But it also provides the way to install and some information about blocking the js. Let’s follow this article and pick up whatever you want for free! Features of Play with your friends user

  • Connect with friends
  • You can see your coordinates
  • You can change the background

Have much more skins even it is broken or not available at the moment Upcoming:

The easier installation.

It is pretty simple although it has one caveat. Installation to play Slitherio game with your friends

  • Step 1: You should install my user script following the link download below for Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey (it depends on your browser).
  • Step 2: You need to block the original javascript to prevent the game from running twice, one instance of the original Slitherio and one of my modified one. You can use Adblock plus. Explore “Blocking the JS” for help. ? So, you can enjoy with friends. However, you must play one time and die. Thus, you will move to replay screen and see your IP address beneath the score.

A friend will have to copy your IP address and paste it into the connect bar. Then, click the connect button.

He will join in the room automatically within 2 seconds. ? You can see your coordinates. Use it to find each other. It is shown at the bottom on the left.

Or you can check the Slitherio leaderboard to confirm you are in the same room. Blocking the

  • Blocking the JS becomes an easy process if you use AdBlock Plus. Click the Adblock Plus icon and choose “open blockable items”.
  • Right click on the js script. It looks like XX is the current version.
  • Next, right click on that script and click Block the item. Make sure it is the blocking filter. Then, click “custom”. Enter*.js.


Replace the version number by an asterisk.

Note: if you visit from Turkey, you should change your DNS or use is blocked in your nation. It’s time to start your adventure with your friends! Just apply this guide and you can explore Have much fun!

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