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Controls for

  • Esc to respawn
  • Mouse wheel scrolls down or up to zoom in or out
  • Q to die
  • To reset zoom, you press (~) to tilde or grave, (.) to period
  • Tab to toggle HUD
  • W to toggle skin rotator
  • Shift or left mouse to boost

Make sure you disable or delete any other user script or extension first. To do that, you need to access Chrome:// extensions, choose the disable checkbox or the trash can icon placed next to the extension that you want to delete or disable.
The extension is an extension that can combine Mods and Hacks. It can make the best extension for that allows you to enjoy the game with friends. It has many features.

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  • You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.
  • With this extension, you can know your current position.
  • You can follow your FPS with the FPS counter.
  • You can track the IP of your friend’s server with your current server IP address.
  • Besides, you can connect to your friends and play together with the same IP.
  • If you own a low-end system, the plain background will make it compatible with any system.
  • Glow can support low-end systems.
  • You can choose the own graphic mode which is compatible with your system.
  • It’s possible to enjoy the Slitherio game with friends directly.
  • Saving nick and settings
  • Selecting a server
  • You can toggle snake skin rotator with W key.
  • Background changer
  • Respawn
  • DIE back to the main menu
  • Enable and disable mod option
  • Live update
  • Toggle HUD
  • Reset zoom
  • Boost with Shift
  • And new UI Mods Chrome Extension Mod is the script that modifies the client while client rarely needs to update and doesn’t include any cheat. It was the original Tampermonkey script. But now, you can access the extension easier.
If you feel a bit mean, you can choose to play in the unfair path. Select to modify the game with hacks or some advantages. In this way, you can become the winner in the short time. You will don’t need to have any unique skill to move. Just install Hacks and you can beat the challenge. Aside from that, you can observe and see other players by zooming out. You will receive the advantage when you can detect them earlier.
If you are finding Mods for modifications of this Slitherio game, you can check this category. There is a lot of stuff waiting for you. Add To ChromeSlitherio Mods


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