Absorb your own tail Absorb your own tail

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Let’s follow the useful guide to help your Slitherio snake survive and grow longer! Maybe they can make you safe from the enemy attack or some traps. Also, provide to you the suitable strategy to play game effectively. To avoid being encircled and constricted, you should reach 60k multiple times.

How to avoid getting encircled

  • The first thing you should have is to get top 15 mass.
  • Secondly, get to the middle.
  • Next, you need to eat your tail. While you are trying to do that, you can create a big circle as you can.
  • Be patient!
  • Eat the slain snakes. But you should not go too far. It can make you break the formation. Keep your snake safe before every risk because we are playing a long game.
  • And once again, you must be patient after all.

In general, the middle does not mean big players. Eating your tail means that the small fry can’t cut off because you are protected by the own tail. You can’t receive the bad luck and run into four small fry without any way to escape. You can’t see far enough, and your fate is always in your hand. You can decide your life and manage to play game.

The downside

The downside of eating your tail in is really slow. You will see many snakes end their life next to you, and you must let them go. Indeed, you will not want to break the formation. Don’t forget that you are in the center with a lot of small fry. And breaking formation is the way that you can lose.

The troll side

Slitherio snakes will spawn within you. Opening up for them is very dangerous, and they are not worth to constrict. If they want to restart, they have to die.

The reason you can’t get encircled

Technically, you can get encircled in It does not happen because it is devoid of big snakes. The chance to die is too high. In case they attempt to encircle you, they need to open themselves to being cut off by small snakes. They must try to constrict their body. However, they have no escape from the others. When they do that, it is the time for you to eat much more. It is also easy to absorb without risk or breaking formation.

Why the middle?

There is a lot of food there. It is a slow strategy that every small bits help. There is also the most death. Swallow 10% of the slain snake and it will add up.

How much of the own tail can you absorb?

Of course, you don’t want to eat too much because your circle in Super will become smaller and you can be encircled. Besides, you don’t want to eat too little because it will only give you the narrow space to eat around you with not break formation. If you do it right, you will not need to speed boost.

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