Detail Game is a great Jumping IO game that sets in a large maze full of online players. Try this one now then show off your jumping ability. Different from other Multiplayer games, you will become a squishy blob that really likes to jump. You’re able to hop around the arena for targeting your enemies. When you catch sight of them, just make sure you take a leap from a tall height then carefully descend to the top of them. This way will help you wipe out those enemies easily. When they die, all of their mass will be fired out in many directions. It’s not easy to get rid of those foes since you have to get through a bunch of deadly obstacles in this complex maze. If you fall off of the platform, you will die, and the game will come to an end instantly. Hence, try to direct the ball carefully all the time. Be sure to keep your ball higher than other players. If you do so, the enemies won’t be able to take you out, and you can find it very easy to land on them. Play the game now and see if you can take a lead!

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